The aim of the EMBRACE protocol is to introduce MRI based brachytherapy in a multicenter setting within the frame of a prospective observational study and to correlate image based DVH parameters for the clinical target volume and for organs at risk with outcome.


Centres that are already using 3D image guided brachytherapy in the treatment of cervical cancer and are prepared for starting participating in the EMBRACE study in 2009 are invited to send a commitment letter in which they express their intent to be enrolled in EMBRACE. This letter is to be sent to the study Principal Investigator, Richard Pötter, either electronically to or as a paper version to the Medical University of Vienna, General Hospital of Vienna, Department of Radiotherapy, Währinger Gürtel 18 -20, 1090, Vienna, Austria. The next step is then the submission of a dummy run, which will be evaluated by the study coordinators in Vienna and Aarhus. Upon successful assessment of the dummy run, centres are officially included among the participants in the study. For more detailed information see the Participation flow chart.

The first round of the dummy run finished with 18 centres becoming participants. The next round has been opened. Contact the study office for more details: